A truckload of plywood

Delivery day is always a good day for someone building a boat.

We picked up the first batch of okoume plywood for our Starwind 860 yesterday- the first real "work trip" for the '05 GMC Yukon XL that'll eventually become this boat's road-going companion. Progress then ground to an immediate halt. (If it's 28 C and mostly sunny, you don't work- you take the boat out to the sandbar to chill out for a while.)

This morning's task was to loft up the webs of the aft crossbeams. If we had a CNC cutter or a wide-format printer, these could be done directly from the computer. Since we have neither of those tools, the task was a simple but slow matter of plotting about 160 reference points by hand on the plywood, then playing connect-the-dots.

Now back to the garage, where the power saws are waiting to cut out these parts....



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