And Then There Were Two (Hulls)

There's still a long way to go, but now it *looks* like two-thirds of a trimaran!


The second hull, not surprisingly, was considerably easier and faster to assemble than the first. It may be cold out there, but a quick burst from the heat gun thins out the Tri-Tex epoxy enough for it to wet out the fibreglass tape, and the curing process works just fine (albeit a bit slower than usual) in the cold. We'll be making good use of this effect in the next couple of weeks as we finish up the interior seams and fillets on the second ama.


Now that both amas are assembled, the jig is no longer required, and we can clean up the mountains of sawdust, gloves and empty epoxy pots that had built up underneath it. The shop actually looks respectable again!


The compound-curved, tortured plywood technique turned out to be considerably quicker and easier than I had expected, and the resulting hulls look great. I have started sketching up a few new designs that will have long, slender, very efficient hulls built in this fashion; stay tuned in the new year for more details!



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