About Us

M.B. Marsh Design

M.B. Marsh Design is registered as a proprietorship in the Canadian province of Ontario. Our divisions are focused on:

  • A wide variety of marine design and consulting services
  • Explorations in the photographic arts
  • Information technology training, consulting and musings
  • Sustainability, of energy, economics and design, for humanity's long-term future

Matthew B. Marsh, P.Eng, MASc

Matthew is an engineering physicist, with interests and expertise spanning many fields. He has played key roles in two NASC/WSC solar car projects and has experience with composite materials design, solar power systems, construction industry QA/QC, building envelope design/testing, and LEED program implementation. He is an avid boater and boat builder, mainly in small power craft, and has extensive knowledge of small boat design and construction.

Matthew holds two engineering physics degrees from Queen's University (M.A.Sc. in engineering physics / medical, class of 2012, and B.Sc.E in engineering physics / mechanical, class of 2009). He is a licensed professional engineer in Ontario, Canada.

A Few Recent Projects

  • Computed tomography / digital tomosynthesis imaging system for cobalt-60 radiotherapy
  • Experimental cobalt-60 intensity modulated radiotherapy system
  • Hardware upgrades, software enhancements, data centre migration and user support for a 100+ core distributed computing cluster
  • Non-destructive testing of radiation shielding concrete using megavoltage CT imaging
  • Parametric array for nonlinear ultrasound-to-audio demodulation
  • Quality assurance program training, implementation and auditing on eight major construction projects
  • Composite aeroshell and hybrid carbon/spaceframe chassis for the solar cars Aurum and Ultraviolet

This Site

The Marsh Design site is built on an open source Drupal 6 core. The site is hosted by GreenGeeks and our server runs on "300% green power"- we put enough wind energy into the grid to cover three times what our server uses, effectively making the entire signal chain from us to you carbon-neutral.

Most of the site has been verified to render correctly in Lynx 2.8.7 and Firefox 3.6 in Ubuntu and Mint, Firefox 4+ and IE 6/7 in WinXP, Safari in iOS4, and Firefox 4+, Safari 5, Chrome 11, Opera 11 and IE 8/9 in Win7. It is served in XHTML 1.0 strict.