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Photos, ramblings and the occasional bit of useful information from our voyages aboard the runabout Sunset Chaser and other small boats.

Sources of weather data for Lake Ontario

I have a really hard time trusting meteorologists.

No offence is intended to any weather forecasters who are reading this. The trouble is, Kingston is a geographically and meteorologically complex region, making it hard to build accurate forecast models with sufficiently fine detail- and the forecasters who do cover our area are also responsible for many, many other cities. So, while a forecast of "sunny, not much happening" is pretty reliable, estimates of wind, rain and sea state are often way off.

Taking it slowly

Why are we always in such a rush?

I am trying to think of the last time I saw a good old-fashioned displacement hull powerboat at a boat show. I honestly can't think of one. Even the pontoon boats are packing 100+ hp these days.

First Ever Winter Voyage - March 19th


To my knowledge, today was the earliest in the year we have ever launched the boat (March 19th). Typically on our spot of Lake Ontario, we're still waiting for ice-out day at this time. Since it never actually froze anywhere except for a few sheltered, shallow bays, we didn't have to wait this time.

Collapsing crane vs. yachts? Crane wins

The marina down the road, Collins Bay, had a bit of trouble with their crane on Friday morning. A bit of bad luck, as far as I can tell; this facility is well-known for being among the most careful, meticulous yards around.

Here's the story according to the Whig-Standard.

Reports are that nobody was hurt when one of the crane's stabilizing legs gave way, but the boat it was lifting, along with one adjacent boat, are now in pretty rough shape.