Collapsing crane vs. yachts? Crane wins

The marina down the road, Collins Bay, had a bit of trouble with their crane on Friday morning. A bit of bad luck, as far as I can tell; this facility is well-known for being among the most careful, meticulous yards around.

Here's the story according to the Whig-Standard.

Reports are that nobody was hurt when one of the crane's stabilizing legs gave way, but the boat it was lifting, along with one adjacent boat, are now in pretty rough shape.

Incidents like this are the stuff of a sailor's nightmare. Out on the sea, you're at least somewhat in command. You can influence, if not control, how events unfold. At the very least, you can operate under the illusion that you're in charge, even if the boat and the sea have other ideas. But in the boatyard, all you can do is watch helplessly as you put your trust in a piece of machinery over which you have absolutely zero influence. Thank goodness for insurance....

Mobile crane collapsed on top of yachts

Crane lying on top of yachts

Two yachts damaged by fallen crane

Crane lying on top of damaged yachts




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