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Photos, ramblings and the occasional bit of useful information from our voyages aboard the runabout Sunset Chaser and other small boats.

Mismatched driveshafts

A repair job is never allowed to go by the book. There always - always - has to be some weird, poorly documented catch that sets the whole thing back.

Wind + summer = kiteboarders?

MBM20130729-153952-3149s.jpgHey, it certainly looks like a valid equation if you hang out on the Queen's University waterfront.

What's inside an outboard engine gearcase

Since we have a lower gear case in pieces anyway, I may as well write about how the bottom end of your outboard engine is put together. This is one of those clever mechanisms that we boaters usually just take for granted, and trust the shop to deal with when it fails. It's kind of cool to see how it all works.