Boating & Cruising

Photos, ramblings and the occasional bit of useful information from our voyages aboard the runabout Sunset Chaser and other small boats.

Get Rid Of That Damn Kellet

Kellets – those chunky cast-iron weights intended to be tied to the middle of the anchor rode – still exist, somehow, despite being useless (at best) or downright dangerous (at worst). Here's why yours deserves a date with the scrap bin.

Weekend Warrior Cruising

A lot has changed in life over the last several years. Getting out on the boat became a fair bit harder with the addition of one child, and then a second. Then there's owning a country property that was too small to start, so we added one addition...then a second. Both of which are nearly complete.

Of Booze And Boats

I've seen an awful lot of ridiculous, idiotic, dangerous things out on the water. A remarkably large number of them seem to involve booze.